Covid 19 Booster Vaccine

Autumn 2023 Covid Booster Doses:

Selected McCabes Pharmacies are now offering the autumn booster doses to those 12 and older, subject to availability.

Autumn Booster Dose
The HSE recommend an Autumn booster vaccination dose as part of the Autumn Programme.

The booster dose is recommended to the following cohorts:
• Those aged 50 or older

• Those aged 12 or older with a weak immune system (is it possible to put a link here to HSE page for added info on this?)

• Those aged 12 to 49 with a condition that puts you at high risk of serious illness from COVID-19

• Healthcare workers

Note: For those aged 18-49 years, access to an autumn booster vaccine is available for those who, following discussion of their reasons with a pharmacist, request vaccination.

Recommended Intervals between Doses:

  • The recommended interval between the autumn booster and the last booster dose is 6 months for those aged 50 years and above and is also 6 months for those aged 12 years and above with immunocompromise. For all others aged 12-49 years the recommended interval is 9 months.
  • In exceptional circumstances or for operational reasons the minimum interval of three months between booster doses can be used, for example to ensure early protection this autumn if the spring booster was given at least 3 months ago.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Who else is entitled to a COVID Vaccine?

In addition, the following groups remain eligible for COVID-19 vaccination throughout the year:

  • First booster dose for people aged 18 years and over
  • 12 years and over if immunocompromised

Can I get a Booster Vaccination While Pregnant?

  • If you have never had a COVID-19 booster, you can get a booster at any stage in your pregnancy.
  • Wait 4 months after your last COVID-19 vaccine or COVID-19 infection.

If you had a booster before this pregnancy

  • You can get a COVID-19 booster once in this pregnancy. Wait 6 months after your last COVID-19 vaccine or booster.
  • The best time to get your booster dose is between 20 and 34 weeks. But you can get it at any stage of pregnancy.
  • If it has been more than 12 months since you had a COVID-19 vaccine or infection, you may be offered a booster dose earlier in your pregnancy.

How soon will I be protected against Covid?

  • The Covid vaccine starts to work within 2 weeks. Please note that you may still contract this virus despite being vaccinated however your symptoms are likely to be mild 

How much does the vaccine cost?

  • The COVID vaccine is free of charge

 How do I book my COVID vaccine appointment?

  • Visit our website to book your vaccine with your chosen store. Once you make your booking you will receive a booking confirmation via email and text. We offer the COVID vaccine in select stores.

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