Vitabiotics Feroglobin B12 Capsules 30's

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Vitabiotics Feroglobin capsules are slow release iron supplement that delivers an ideal amount of iron to the body throughout the day.

Feroglobin-B12 is a gentle iron supplement with zinc and vitamin B complex has been specially formulated to deliver an ideal amount of iron to the body while remaining gentle on the stomach. Iron is an essential mineral which enhances the normal formation of hemoglobin and oxygen transport to every part of the body. As well as being vital for your blood, iron contributes to the normal function of the immune system and normal cognitive function.

Benefits & Features

  • Helps to reduce tiredness & fatigue
  • Supports hemoglobin & red blood cells
  • Gentle and even slow release

How to use?

  • One capsule per day with your main meal.
  • Swallow with a glass of water or a cold drink. 
  • Do not chew and only take on a full stomach.
  • Feroglobin-B12 can be continued for as long as required. 
  • There is no maximum length of time over which it can be used and a minimum three-month course is recommended.

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