Inhalo DSI - Dry Salt Nasal Inhaler

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Inhalo DSI Helps in relieving temporary symptoms such as a stuffy nose, congestion and the unpleasant effects of allergy, which may be associated with certain upper respiratory (nasal) complaints.

New innovative, ergonomic and portable dry salt inhalers (DSI), makes use of the simple therapeutic principle of inhaling salty air. The DSI Inhalo Dry Salt Inhaler is a comfortable and non-invasive device free of medications, causing no interventions in the body, and is to be classified as physical therapy.

Features and benefits:

  • 100% natural drug free
  • Portable Dry Salt Mine
  • 100% Natural Drug Free Dry Salt Inhaler
  • Helps alleviate the symptoms of lower respiratory conditions
  • 5 grams of natural unprocessed rock salt crystals
  • Gentle & effective treatment
  • No side effects
  • Includes soothing cooling vapour rod

How to use:

For use by adults and children (with vapor rod over the age of 5 years old, without vapor rod over the age of 3 years old) for nasal inhalation ( upper respiratory).

  1. Remove capo from device. Gently insert nosepiece into nostril, block other nostril with your finger and then inhale normally.
  2. After each inhalation, exhale through your mouth or previously blocked nostril.

Without vapor rod: Use the inhaler in one continuous session for 15-20 minutes daily or divide the use into three sessions lasting 7-10 minutes each. Use for 21 days continuously.

With vapor rod: Remove the clear lower cap covering the cartridge. Place the vapor rod into the vapor rod holder and snap the holder into the bottom of the salt cartridge. Replace the lower clear cap over the cartridge. Use the inhaler with nasal rod 3 times a day with each session lasting between 1-2 minutes for the first week. Gradually increase each session by 1-2 minutes each week for total of 3 weeks. Replace top cap after each use.

Regular use of Inhalo Dry Salt Inhaler promotes optimal sinus hygiene and health, helping to alleviate upper respiratory discomforts.

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Inhalo DSI - Dry Salt Nasal Inhaler

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