The Best Serums from La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay is a premium French skincare brand that is recognised and recommended by dermatologists across the world. Since 1975, they have been creating excellent, high-efficacy products that include a variety of cleansers, moisturisers and sun creams.

They also produce high-quality serums which promote skin repair and nourish dry or dehydrated skin. In this guide, we introduce some of the best La Roche-Posay serums and discuss their ingredients, the skin types they are most suited to, and the kind of results you can expect from consistent use. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section:

What are face serums?

Serums are highly concentrated but lightweight skincare solutions designed to directly deliver active ingredients to the skin. They differ to other facial products in that they contain higher levels of their ingredients, so you only need to use a few drops for the solution to absorb quickly and deeply into the skin.

Because of these properties, serums have a range of benefits that you don’t often see in other skincare products. La Roche-Posay’s unique and expert formulas provide their serums with anti-inflammatory, exfoliating and hydrating capabilities and antioxidants. They are suitable for use on a variety of different skin types, conditions and concerns, including hyper-sensitive and allergic skin.

Effaclar Serum

The Effaclar Serum has been clinically proven to prevent some of the signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines. It can visibly reduce dark spots and other imperfections to improve skin tone and texture for a more radiant glow.

The soothing formula has been specifically designed for oily and acne-prone skin to tackle blemishes and stop the skin from becoming dry or sore. Active ingredients include salicylic acid, LHA and glycolic acid to unblock clogged pores and combat breakouts before they happen. Additionally, the serum regulates the rate of sebum production and controls excess oil. Niacinamide helps reinforce the skin’s natural protective barrier and prevent moisture loss.

Effaclar Serum is ultra-concentrated and should be used once daily in the evenings to achieve the best results. It is important to ensure that you avoid any prolonged exposure to the sun while using this serum and apply with a high SPF sunscreen if you are spending time in the sunshine.

Retinol B3 Serum

Retinol B3 Serum

Ideally suited to mature skin susceptible to sensitivity, Retinol B3 Serum is enriched with an array of active ingredients that rehydrate your skin, smooth wrinkles and improve an irregular complexion.

Retinol targets uneven skin tone and texture, while Vitamin B3 improves moisture retention to keep the skin supple, soft and plump. The Retinol B3 Serum also contains glycerin which restores the skin’s natural moisture barrier and leaves you feeling more hydrated for longer. Because retinol increases the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, this serum should only be used in the evenings. Start by using two to three nights a week, then increase to daily usage once the skin becomes accustomed to the retinol.

During clinical trials, more than 70% of participants reported that their skin felt immediately soothed and nourished after using the Retinol B3 Serum. After four weeks of regular use, almost 90% of people agreed that their skin was more supple and that the overall appearance of their skin had improved. After eight weeks, 88% of participants reported that their skin felt firmer, while 82% said that their skin looked younger.

To use, apply a few drops to the face in the evening after cleansing. Skincare experts recommend applying a sunscreen of at least SPF15 in the mornings when using this product regularly. Those with sensitive skin should use SPF50.

Hyalu B5 Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hyalu B5 Hyaluronic Acid Serum

The Hyalu B5 Hyaluronic Acid Serum contains a nourishing formula of hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B5 and madecassoside. These active ingredients stimulate collagen synthesis and the repair of damaged skin. In improving softness and plumpness, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is visibly reduced when incorporated into a daily skincare routine.

This paraben and colourant-free formula has been dermatologically tested for use on even the most sensitive of skin types. It is specially designed to help skin that is extremely dry or dehydrated.

Use in the evenings after cleansing and follow with a retinol night cream for the best results.

Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo Serum

Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo Serum

Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo Serum is clinically proven to help improve itchiness, dryness and tightness in ultra-sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Enriched with anti-irritation thermal spring water and 0.1% neurosensine, this serum soothes, nourishes and hydrates for up to 48 hours.

This serum has a light texture and has a high efficacy design intended to provide instant relief. The formula is dermatologically-tested, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Apply in the morning and evening to the face and neck.

Other serums from La Roche-Posay

Pigmentclar Serum

Pigmentclar Serum delivers a fresher and more luminous complexion. Containing LHA and a powerful PhE complex, the serum is suitable for sensitive skin. Use in the evenings and apply a strong sunscreen in the mornings after applying this product.

To rehydrate sensitive skin and reduce tightness, try Hydraphase Intense Serum. With thermal spring water, hyaluronic acid, arginine and serine, it delivers 24-hour hydration.

It can be used daily, in the mornings or evenings.

Rosaliac AR Intense Serum

For those prone to redness and flushing, Rosaliac AR Intense Serum delivers a hypoallergenic concentrate for localised treatment. It is also non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores.

Apply in the mornings and evenings to clean skin before moisturising.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best La Roche-Posay products for sensitive skin?

Sensitivity can cause several unpleasant effects such as burning, redness, itching and tightness of the skin. La Roche-Posay's Toleriane range has been created to soothe sensitive skin, improving how it feels and looks. You can read more about which products are ideal for sensitive skin in our expert guide.

Can you use hyaluronic acid with retinol?

Yes, they can safely be used together to restore and smooth the skin.