Tampax Pearl Regular Tampons 18 Pack

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In stock

Tampax Pearl Regular Tampons with the clever new pearl protection system, for light to medium flow, offers its best-ever protection wrapped in an innovative new applicator.

Tampax Pearl Regular Tampons have a new Pearl Protect system, with V-shaped opening (for a better fit), built-in leak protection braid, a unique placement grip, as well as a Soft Touch applicator for an incredibly comfortable experience. It's our smoothest applicator ever!

 Benefits & Features

  • Comfortable 
  • Smooth Applicator 
  • Most of us will try to use a tampon at sometime, so it's important to know how to insert a tampon in the right way.
  • It might seem tricky at first, but after trying several times, insertion becomes as easy as putting on a glove. 
  • The key is to relax! Worrying about it may make you tense, making insertion even harder.

How To Use

  • Read the package instruction leaflet carefully
  • Practice inserting a tampon during your period when your flow is moderate to heavy
  • Then the tampon should glide in easily


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