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The Wartner Verucca and Wart pen offers an effective solution for the treatment of warts and verrucas. The pen applicator contains a new highly concentrated wart & verruca removal gel based on the traditional acid method. The gel promotes skin cell regeneration which causes the skin to peel. As this occurs, the new healthy skin forms and the wart (or verruca) will shrink and disappear.

How To Use:

  1. For first time usage and before removing the cap: Rotate the cap 360 degrees at least 3 times. This is required to break the inner seal. If this instruction is not followed, the pen won't be activated and will not be suitable for use.
  2. Tap the pen [Cap facing down] 3 times on a soild flat surface, so the liquid can flow into the tip of the pen.
  3. Align the blue bump [ on the cap] with the white bump [on the pen] and pull the cap from the pen. The cap is childproof so some force might be needed.
  4. Place the tip of the pen on the wart/verruca. Now click the blue button once and keep the pen on the wart/verruca for 10 Seconds. In case of larger warts [>6mm] an additional application may be required.
  5. After the application, replace the cap. Rotate the cap and make sure the blue and white bumps are not aligned [childproofing].

Repeat the application once per week untill the wart/verruca has disappeared or for a maximum of 6 weeks. For each next application, repeat steps 2-5, including tapping the pen [cap facing down] 3 times on a soild flat surface before each use.

For better results we recommend to soak the hands or feet in warm water for 5 minutes before each application. After doing so, make sure to towel dry the wart before applying the product.

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Wartner Wart & Verruca Remover

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