Skingredients Retinol 1% B3 Anti-Aging Night Serum 30ML

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Drum roll please... introducing our BRAND NEW Retinol + B3 Anti-Ageing Night Serum!

Available in two strengths (0.6% + 1.0%), this potent, pure and clinically proven, Retinol + B3 Serum is our most transformational formula yet, delivering pure encapsulated retinol in a skin-respectful manner. Never one to do things by halves, we have included FOUR actives within this powerhouse blend, including: vitamin A (pure retinol), B3 (niacinamide), hyaluronic acid and humectants.

This clinically approved, panel tested mix delivers 10 complexion enhancing benefits including:

  1. Reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  2. Stimulates collagen production.
  3. Reduces dark spots and pigmentation.
  4. Regulates oil by dissolving excess sebum and dead skin cells.
  5. Reduces skin coarseness and rough patches.
  6. Reduces inflammation.
  7. Boosts the skin barrier.
  8. Provides free radical defence.
  9. Less chance of irritation by a sophisticated encapsulated delivery system which helps to protect retinol from degradation and oxidation.
  10. Improves skin radiance.


Always be diligent with SPF application + reapplication! Be cautious when using Retinol with exfoliating acids such as those within AHA Cleanse and Sally Cleanse. Whilst your skin is new to Retinol, we suggest using Retinol and exfoliating acids on alternative nights.

How to Use:

  • Introduce gradually to the skin.
  • Begin by using 2x weekly, then 3x weekly before building up to 5-7x weekly. Only progress to an additional evening each week if the skin is showing no signs of sensitivity or irritation (i.e. areas of dryness or new spots).
  • Use in the evening only, cleanse with PreProbiotic Cleanse and apply Skin Veg and Skin Protein. Next apply Retinol and follow with Skin Good Fats if you require additional hydration and comfort.
  • When introducing this product, do not use Sally Cleanse or AHA Cleanse on the same day/night.
  • If skin is feeling dry, try buffering your application with Skin Good Fats. To do this, you should apply your skincare in the following order: PreProbiotic Cleanse, Skin Veg, Skin Protein, Skin Good Fats and then Retinol.
  • Levelling up: After using one bottle of 0.6%, progress to 1%. You must also do this gradually, starting with 2x weekly use - remember, it is nearly double the strength of the 0.6% formula you have just used!
  • For experienced users only: Apply Retinol neat (straight after PreProbiotic Cleanse has been removed). If you have been using retinol from another brand, we recommend that you begin with 2x weekly use, before building up to 5-7 x a week.
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Skingredients Retinol 1% B3 Anti-Aging Night Serum 30ML

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