Reliance No 16 Eye Pad Dressing

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Each eye pad is individually wrapped and sterile, and the dressing is also suitable for replacement in all HSE first aid kits. The No 16 Eye Pad Dressing is used to safely cover an eye wound or injury before medical assistance has arrived, and to help stop particles entering the eye that may lead to infection.

Benefits and Features

  • Individually wrapped
  • Suitable for replacement in HSE first aid kits
  • Covers an eye wound or injury
  • Sterile pad

How to use?

  • Most minor eye injuries can be treated without medical assistance.
  • In the event of minor cuts around the eye: apply a saline eye wash to clean out the wound.
  • After the wound is clean, apply a dressing to the affected area.
  • Keep the area clean and dry.
  • In the event of particles in the eye: immediately flush eyes for at least 15 minutes.
  • Sit down and slant your head so the injured eye is lower than the unaffected eye (ideally over a bath or sink).
  • Use a saline eye wash as soon as possible to flush out the eye.
  • Keep the eyes open and rotate the eyeballs in all directions to remove contamination from the eyes.
  • Keep eyelids open by holding your eyelids apart with your fingers. Ask for help doing this if necessary.
  • Continue doing this for 15 minutes as you want to fully dilute the particles and wash them out of your eyes.
  • You should seek immediate medical advice if there are still any foreign bodies in the eye after flushing it.
  • Do not try to remove any objects embedded or stuck in the eye yourself, as this can cause further damage to the eye.
  • These should only be removed by an eye expert.
  • In the event of chemical exposure: all eye injuries caused by chemical exposure should be seen by an eye doctor or nurse as soon as possible after flushing.
  • If wearing contact lenses: gently take your contact lenses out while you are flushing your eye(s).
  • Do not delay flushing the eyes to take out your lenses, but make sure that you take them out as they could trap chemicals/particles in your eyes.
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Reliance No 16 Eye Pad Dressing

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