Aptamil Pepti 1 First Infant Milk 450g

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Aptamil Pepti 1 is an extensively hydrolysed formula made with 100% whey protein. Aptamil Pepti 1 and 2 are the only extensively hydrolysed formulas to contain Galacto- and Fructo-oligosaccharides (GOS/FOS), long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPs) Omega 3 and Omega 6, and nucleotides.

Aptamil Pepti 1 Suitable from birth, Aptamil Pepti 1 is formulated for the dietary management of cows’ milk protein allergy (CMPA).

 Benefits & Features

  • Aptamil Pepti 1 is part of our special range for the management of CMPA and is the only formula for allergy management. It is whey based for a more palatable taste. It contains our unique blend of GOS/FOS prebiotics. It also contains LCP’s, nucleotides and antioxidents and since babies are unable to produce enough LCPs for their daily needs, we include them in Aptamil Pepti 1 to ensure bottlefed babies with allergies are not missing out.
  • Aptamil Pepti 1 has been specially tailored by our experts for increased palatability, helping to make mealtimes more enjoyable for your baby again. What’s more, Aptamil Pepti 2 is available for infants from 6 months onwards, making it the best long term solution for babies with CMPA

How To Use

  • Wash and sterilise all utensils according to manufacturers’ instructions.
    Boil freshly run water. Leave kettle to cool for 30 minutes. Do not use artifically softened or repeatedly boiled water.
    Measure the required amount of water (refer to feeding guide) into a sterilised bottle. Do not add powder to boiling water due to rick of scalding.
    Always use the scoop provided. Level off the powder with the back of a clean knife. Do not press/heap the powder.
    Remove seal from bottle. Add one scoop to every 30ml (1fl oz) of water. Adding too many or too few scoops can be harmful.
    Cap the bottle and shake well (for 10 seconds) to dissolve powder. Remove cap and replace with a sterilised teat.
    Cool under running tap. Check temperature of feed. Feed immediately.

How it works

  • Aptamil Pepti 1 is similar in composition to our standard infant milks, apart from the protein which has been broken down (extensively hydrolysed) to make it less likely to cause an allergic reaction. It also includes lactose for improved taste, to help your baby enjoy each feed and support weight gain.


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