Duofilm 15ml

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Duofilm is a cutaneous solution used to treat and eliminate warts.

Duofilm contains salicylic acid and lactic, this formula is used to eliminate warts. The special formula softens the wart which eventually will make it fall off and be peeled off.

How to use 

  • If you are covering your wart with a plaster remove them.
  • Bathe the wart in hot water for five minutes and then dry thoroughly.
  • Brush  the top of the wart carefully with an embry board, pumice stone, emery board. Do not break the skin!
  • Then put on enough Duofilm to cover the warts. 
  • Try not to get it on the normal skin around the warts.
  • Let the Duofilm dry thoroughly.
  • Cover with a plaster 

What does it contain

  • The active substances are lactic acid 15.0% w/w and salicylic acid 16.7% w/w. 

  • The other ingredient is flexible collodion (contains pyroxylin, colophony, virgin castor oil, ethanol and ether). 

  • Please read the enclosed leaflet carefully.


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