Tena Men Level 2 Pads (10)

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TENA Men is a pad that has been specifically engineered for male bladder weakness. Its anatomical shaping, soft material and built-in Odour Control™ make it a discreet, comfortable and effective way of dealing with bladder weakness.

With exactly the same level of all day protection, comfort and dryness as Level 1, Level 2 offers greater absorption and security. Its comfortable cup shape is designed specifically for the male anatomy men and is so discreet that it is unnoticeable under clothes.

With Level 2, men who lose more than just a few drops are assured of the extra protection they need, however active they may be.

Product details

- Discreet anatomic shape specially designed for men;
- Adhesive strip holds the pad securely in place in underwear;
- Odour Control™ reduces the risk of undesirable smells;
- Unique Lock Away Core™ keeps urine away from the body;
- Textile-like backing for natural comfort;
- Leak-proof backing prevents staining;
- Wrapped singly for discretion and hygiene;
- Efficient absorption core with super-absorbent granules;
- Absorption: 120ml (this is quoted for guidance only, and is not a technical rating).


How to wear?
Remove the protective backing from the adhesive strip and place on the groin with the adhesive strip against your underwear – pointy side between legs running fore and aft. Straighten your underwear and adjust as comfortable. You may need to apply pressure between the underwear and the adhesive strip to secure. Designed to be worn with tight-fitting underwear, not boxer shorts.

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