Tampax Compak Pearl Super Plus Applicator Tampons 18 Pack

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In stock
Tampax Pearl Compak Tampons are our best tampons for comfort, protection and discretion. Tampax Pearl Compak tampons come with a compact and discreet smooth plastic applicator and rounded tip for comfortable insertion

Tampax Compak Pearl Tampons are our No.1 tampon for comfort, protection & discretion. With a discreet, smooth plastic applicator with a rounded tip and an Anti-Slip Grip, Tampax Compak Pearl Tampons give you a comfortable smooth insertion.

Tampax Compak Pearl Tampons come in colorful, bold colors and a quiet, wrapper with easy-to-open tabs. No one will ever know you are on your period. Tampax Compak Pearl Regular tampons are for your lighter to medium flow day.

Benefits & Features

  • Our smoothest discreet plastic applicator featuring our best anti-leak protection system
  • Purse-resistant wrapper, with easy-to-open tear-tabs
  • Expands to fit your body shape for worry-free protection
  • Anti-Slip Grip
  • Colourful wrapper design that opens easily and quietly

How to use?

  • Do not flush down the toilet
  • Usage instructions
  • Always use the lowest absorbency for your flow. Change every 4-8 hours

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