Spatone Iron Supplement - (14 daily sachets)

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One sachet of Spatone provides you with your RDA of iron .

Features & Benefits

  • Spatone is a naturally occurring iron-rich mineral water which is collected and packed straight from the source in the heart of Snowdonia, North Wales.
  • We collect it, we filter it for bacteria and we fill it into our convenient, easy-to-open sachets.
  • At no stage do we add anything to the water or convert the water’s natural composition.
  • That means with Spatone you don’t have to worry about other ingredients causing adverse reactions or complications.

100% natural – nothing added everything gained.

Reduced scope of side-effects

  • Since the iron in Spatone is easily assimilated in the stomach, you only need to take a small quantity to get your entire recommended daily allowance (RDA) of iron.
  • This is why Spatone does not result in the common side effects often associated with conventional iron supplements such as constipation, stomach irritation or headaches.
  • Each sachet of Spatone only contains 5mg of elemental iron but with an absorption rate of up to 40% you will get all the iron your body needs without having to excrete too much iron - often the cause of the unpleasant side-effects experienced with iron supplementation.
  • Spatone is packed into convenient sachets which can either be taken as they are or added to fruit juice - making Spatone the most convenient liquid iron supplement available. 

Spatone is available in packs of 14 or 28-day supplies.



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