Scholl Gel Activ Extreme Heels Insoles, 1 Pair

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In stock

Dance the night away in your heels without pain. Scholl Gel Activ Extreme Heels Insoles relieve pressure in the feet & are ultra comfortable.

Wearing heel can take its toll on your feet, Scholl Gel Activ Extreme Heels Insoles have been specailly designed to help relive prssure from the ball of your feet so you do not have to suffer in pain anymore. These ulta comofrtable gel insoles will not slip inside your heels, so you can dance the night away without a care in the world.

Benefits & Features

  • Comfortable deisgn
  • Designed for fhigh heels
  • Cushion soft feel
  • Gel technology
  • Insoles remain firmly in place
  • Relieves pressure in the feet
  • For sizes UK 3 – 7.5, AUS 4-8, EUR: 35-40,5.

How to Use

  • Always clean & dry your heel before using Gel Active soles
  • Remove backing paper form the insoles
  • Place the insole into the shoe
  • Ensure that the raised area of the insole makes direct contact with the arch of your foot
  • Replace after 6 months 
  • To remove the insole, pull the insole out gently


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