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An easy and discreet exercise to stimulate, strengthen and train the muscles of the pelvic floor. 

Pelvic floor muscles are the layer of muscles that support the pelvic organs and span the bottom of the pelvis. The pelvic organs are the bladder, bowel and uterus in women.  The pelvic floor is under considerable strain during pregnancy and birth.  This can result in the muscles no longer being able to function in full.  The NUK Pelvic Floor Trainer is specially developed for mothers as an aid to actively support the postnatal process.  Common causes of a weakened pelvic floor include childbirth, obesity and the associated straining of chronic constipation.  Pelvic floor exercises are designed to improve muscle tone and prevent the need for corrective surgery.


  • Pleasant small and silent training aid that stimulates, strengthens and trains the muscles of the pelvic floor. 
  • Greater awareness of pelvic floor.
  • Both shape and material are comfortable and made to suit the body.
  • Contains a lightweight ball which vibrates along with every movement-It is this stimulation which supports the active muscle build up.  
How to Use
  • Silky, smooth surface makes it easy to insert.
  • Elastic string for easy removal.
  • To be removed, cleaned and inspected daily.

How to Clean

  • The pelvic floor trainer can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. 
  • After cleaning, dry it well and keep in a clean, dry place.
  • Do not expose it to direct sunlight.


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