Nicorette Lozenge Mint

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Benefits & Features:

  • Dual-layer for a long-lasting taste
  • Comes in 2mg or 4mg to let you choose the right strength based on how much you smoke
  • Available in 20's and 80's

Flavors available:

  • Icy Mint flavor
  • Fruit flavor

Choose the Right strength:

  • Smoke less than a pack of 20 cigarettes per day? Try the 2mg lozenge.
  • Smoke a pack of 20 cigarettes per day or more? Try the 4mg lozenge.

How to use:

  1. Place the lozenge in your mouth and allow it to slowly dissolve.
  2. Occasionally move the lozenge from one side of your mouth to the other. You should not chew or swallow the lozenge.
  3. Repeat step 2 until the lozenge dissolves completely (about 10-20 minutes).


NICORETTE® products contain nicotine. Requires willpower. Stop smoking aid. Always read the label. IRE/NI/19-3758

We at Nicorette think that giving up smoking is one of the most incredible things you can ever do, but also understand it’s a challenge. Deciding to stop smoking is an important and difficult choice, so it is important to choose the right approach for you. When thinking about how to stop smoking, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), like Nicorette, can help to manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms, helping you fight the urge to smoke. Nicotine Replacement Therapy delivers nicotine to the brain much slower than cigarettes making nicotine replacement therapy less addictive. It can help you to gradually reduce your nicotine intake, whilst helping to reduce the frequency and severity of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Nicorette is here to help you quit smoking by giving you the information, tools, and support you may need along with Nicorette products which are clinically proven to help you quit smoking. 

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