Medela Harmony Pump & Feed Set

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In stock
Medela Harmony Pump & Feed Set has been specially designed to replicate a baby's natural suckle.

The Medela Harmony Manual Breast pump has been specially developed and designed to mimic a baby's suckling cycle. This easy to use pump helps improve the speed of the let-down and milk flow, making it easier for your and your baby.

When breastfeeding baby's change their suckle, they begin with quickly and rapid suckling to help encourage the Milk Ejection Reflex and to encourage the let-down. Once the baby has encouraged the let down their rhythm begins to slow so they can feed.

Benefits & Features

  • 2 phase Expression System
  • Designed after a baby's natural suckle
  • Lightweight design
  • Calma Solitaire included
  • Comes with 4 disposable Breast Pads

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