Manicare Maxi Buffer

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In stock
Manicare Maxi Buffer gives a superior salon-quality shine and removes nail ridges on the surface of your nail.

Manicare Maxi Buffer that buffs & shines natural nails with extra flexible cushioning.

Benefits & Features

  • Buffs & shines natural nails without the use of polish. 
  • Nail buffing smoothes ridges & removes nail surface irregularities, leaving nail with an amazing shine.

How to use 

  • Prior to use, ensure your nails are clean, dry & free from polish.
  • Black side: Use a light circular motion to smooth away ridges & stains.
  • Do not use aggressively buff thin nails.
  • White side: Buff the nail in a back-and-forth motion to create a satin finish.
  • Grey side: Buff with rapid sideward strokes to achieve a super natural shine

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