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The Mam Teat has a texture that replicates the silky smooth texture of your breast. Its unique composition ensures that the teat will not compress. These teats are therefore a fantastic alternative if you are unable to breast feed or are alternating between both breast feeding and bottle.

These days, it is not always possible for a breastfeeding mother to be with her child at all times, in which instance expressed milk or powdered formula is given to baby. Alternating between the breast and the bottle is not easy, as baby strips milk from the breast, but must suck out milk from existing bottles. As a result, babies often have problems drinking properly from the breast, as drinking from the bottle is an easier procedure. However, the new MAM Ultivent system is as close as possible to the natural mechanisms of breastfeeding.

 Benefits & Features

  • Specially designed for a medium flow rate, so baby can feed at a comfortable rate
  • With a soft, silky texture that creates the feel of skin for your little one's comfort while feeding
  • Familiar, orthodontic shape is ideal for easy switching between Mum and MAM
  • Unique, ultra-sensitive valve ensures a constant air-free flow for easy feeding
  • The MAM Teat 2 is dishwasher safe to 65°C for everyday practicality

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