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Discover the natural pattern & flow of your body with the help of the Luminette Glasses.

What is the biological clock?

  • The biological clock is the section of our brain that balances our circadian rhythms (over a 24 h cycle) such as mood, appetite, digestion, sleep, and libido. 
  • All living things are affected by their living things, It is directly linked to the cycle of light and darkness on earth.

What role does light play?

  • Light as the "regulator" of our biological clock. Light, like darkness, is the main "marker" of our biological clock. Light influences the secretion of melatonin, also knowns as "the sleep hormone". 
  • The brain produces this at nightfall, to encourage sleep. 
  • But at dawn, when it comes in contact with light, it disturbs this secretion. 
  • We get up easily, full of energy.
  • Light as a natural energiser
  • In addition to its regulatory effect on our biological clock, light also has an important effect on mood, it increases alertness and boosts your physical and mental performance.

What are the health problems related to lack of light?

  • Our body is no longer in step with our schedule and this can have a big impact on our health.
  • This is the case with people who have sleep pattern issues: they are unable to fall asleep early or at all (insomnia) and have problems when it comes to waking up in the morning, or else they go to sleep early and wake up in the middle of the night.
  • Jet lag can also have the power to affect your biological clock, as a result of a flight covering more than 3 time zones.
  • Finally, night work issues (affecting over 10% of workers in Europe) are now recognised as real disorders.
  • In other situations, during the winter or because our modern lives prevent us from enjoying the sun, we sometimes suffer badly from a lack of light.
  • With some people, this results in a lack of energy and extreme fatigue. 
  • It is commonly known as the "winter blues".

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