Lansinoh Breast Feeding Pillow

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In stock
Pillow allows mum to naturally bring baby up to the breast to nurse rather than leaning over, which is ideal for positioning, latch and avoiding back pain.

The Lansinoh Breastfeeding Pillow is comfortable, portable, and helps support proper breastfeeding positioning. By sliding onto the arm, rather than around the waist, the thoughtful design is perfect for c-section tummies. One size actually fits all, regardless of shape and size.

Benefits & features:

  • Comfortable positioning for baby and mum to support while breastfeeding
  • Helps with comfortable positioning, latch and feeding including rugby or cradle hold
  • Compact and Portable – easy feeding at home or on the go
  • Perfect for after c-section delivery
  • Designed by a breastfeeding mum
  • Machine washable 40°c

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