iWhite Dark Stains Teeth Whitening Kit

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In stock

Get teeth up to 8 shades white with this at home Teeth Whitening Kit. Instant & noticeable results after just one use!

The iWhite Dark Stains Teeth Whitening Kit has been specially formulated with Dark Pigment Absorption Technology to help remove & prevent unsightly staining associated with drinking Coffee, Tea, Red wine & smoking. This at home stain remover comes with 10 prefilled trays with an active gel that sit conveniently in your mouth. Noticeable results after the first application!

Benefits & Features

  • Removes & prevents stains
  • Dark Pigment Absorption Technology
  • Comes with 10 prefilled trays
  • Works in just 20 minutes
  • Instant results
  • One size fits all

How to use?

  • Ensure you have gently brushed your teeth before each application
  • Only use once you have thoroughly cleaned & dried your hands
  • Take the prefilled tray out of the sealed packaging & place into your mouth, always ensure the gel in the tray is touching the tooth surface. Once you have placed it in your mouth push the tray toward the teeth.
  • Close your lips & mouth after you have placed the tray in your mouth.
  • Leave to sit for 20 minutes before rinsing with water.
  • For a full list of instructions please consult the packaging.

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