NUK First Choice+ 150ml Bottle with Size 1 Silicone Teat

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In stock

NUK First Choice plus Bottles feature the original NUK orthodontic shaped teat with a special, super soft zone which adapts perfectly to baby's palate.

NUK has developed a range of the best baby bottles to make the transition from breast to bottle feeding easier.

The teat has an extra wide lip support which simulates breast feeding as closely as possible and the improved NUK Anti-Colic Air System minimises infant colic caused by the harmful swallowing of air, this also helps prevent the teat from collapsing.  

Benefits & Features

  • Optimal for combining bottle and breastfeeding 
  • Particularly soft teat that is right for the jaw
  • Made of silicone 
  • Size 1(0-6 months) M (medium-fine hole = for formula) 
  • Extra wide bottle neck is easy to fill and clean  
  • Made of polypropylene
  • Holds 150ml

How to use?

  • For safety and hygiene purposes replace teats after 1-2 months of use or whenever they start to show signs of wear. 
  • Sterilise using steam, cold water sterilisation or NUK Steam or Microwave Steriliser. 
  • Do not sterilise with dishwasher as this can cause material damage.

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