e.l.f Blending Sponge

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Flawlessly applies makeup for even and smooth looking skin. Great for creating full coverage, contouring or layering color. 

This latex-free durable sponge is washable and reusable. Perfect for use with all formulations including creams, liquids and powder foundations, concealers or blush. The comfort curve fits perfectly in the hand for controlled application to help keep your hands clean.

How to use?

Wet the sponge with water and then squeeze out excess water. Dip the sponge into the product and apply in a bouncing or “stippling” motion. Use the rounded end to cover large areas of the face and the pointed end to apply in tight crevices and corners.

works well with:

Flawless Foundation, Beautifully Bare Serum, Acne Fighting Foundation, Tinted Moisturizer, BB Cream, Beautifully Bare Blush, Brush Shampoo.

beauty tip:

For optimal performance cleanse using the Brush Shampoo and lay flat to fully dry. 

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