CB12 Toothpaste 100ml

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CB12 Toothpaste not only freshens breath,  the powerful formula also eliminates surface stains and blocks the development of cavities.

CB12 Toothpaste has been formulated by the makers of the powerful CB12 mouthwash range. CB12 toothpaste has been enriched with zinc and fluoride which help reinforce and harden your enamel and protects you against developing cavities.

The innovative toothpaste also works hard to remove unsightly surface stains leaving you with a brighter and whiter smile.

 Benefits & Features

  • Contains Zinc & Fluoride.
  • Blocks cavities from developing & hardens enamel.
  • Eliminates surface stains to reveal a whiter smile.
  • Leaves breath smelling fresh.
  • Suitable for adults & children.

How to apply 

  • Brush your teeth with CB12 toothpaste twice a day for a long-lasting mint taste. 
  • Rinsing with CB12 mouthwash after brushing your teeth ensures first class breath for 12 hours.


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