Carnation Corn Caps 5'S

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Carnation Corn Caps. Clinically proven to remove corns.

Carnation Corn Caps penetrates and helps to remove hard corns while the red felt ring relieves pressure

Benefits & Features

  • Removes hard corns 
  • Red felt ring relieves pressure
  • Easy To Apply
  • Suitable for adults and children 15 years and over.


  • For better adhesion clean and dry the feet. 
  • Remove the corn cap from the backing paper and position the felt ring over the corn. 
  • Firmly apply in position with the adhesive straps. When properly applied it should not slip or move. 
  • Change the plaster every two days until the corn is easily removed.
  • A maximum of five plasters should be used per corn.
  • Note: No more than 3 corns should be treated at any one time.
  • If you are under 16 years old, pregnant or have a circulatory disorder you should seek medical advice before use. 
  • Do not use if you suffer from diabetes. 
  • Carnation Corn Caps contain Salicylic Acid. 
  • Always read the label.

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