Brylcreem Strong Hold Promo Pack

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In stock

Brylcreem Strong Promo Pack offers 2 bottles of long-lasting and durable hair gel.

Brylcreem has been helping men style, shape and perfect their hair since 1928. The strong and reliable gel holds your hair without you having to worry about loosing volume and shape.

Benefits & Features

  • Strong & Reliable hold
  • Long-lasting
  • Can be used in towel dried hair
  • Strengthen & Condition
  • Keeps Scalp healthy 
  • Reduces dryness & flakiness

How To Use

  • Squeeze a small amount of the Strong gel onto your palms, rub between hands and apply to towel dried hair
  • Gel applied to damp hair spreads more evenly and will give you a better structure
  • A little gel goes a long way so add product in small doses



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