BPerfect 10 Second Tan Medium Coconut Mousse

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Get a gorgeous glow in seconds Instant tanning formula that works with your skin's natural tone and creats the perfect colour for you!

Take centre stage with BPerfect 10 Second Tan. Get a gorgeous glow in seconds with this new instant tanning formula that works with your skin’s natural tones to create the perfect colour for you.

The 10 Second Tan is a liquid non-streak formula that is easy to apply (spray bottle), quick-drying, gradual fade up to 5 days. Lightly scented with soft notes of coconut.

Tip & Tricks:

  • Prepare the skin (the day before): Buff away dead skin cells.
  • On the day of tanning: Remove perfumed products and body lotions. Apply on fresh dry skin.
  • For best results: Spray tan directly onto mitt using 3-4 squirts of the spray. Apply quickly in round circular motions as tan is quick drying.
  • For darker results – apply an extra coat.
  • Showering – leave at least 8 hours. Pat dry!
  • Removal – Allow tan to fade naturally over 3-5 days. For stubborn tan marks exfoliate gently.
  • To prolong – Top up every 3-5 days.

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