Bioderma Sebium AKN Smoothing Purifying Care - 30ml

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Rich in hydrating agents, Sébium AKN is very comfortable to use. It's also light and has a non-oily texture making it easy to use.

Corrective skin care, smoothing and purifying, for skin with imperfections.

Product Features

  • Cleanses the pores in depth.
  • Smooths the skin texture. 
  • Preserves sebum quality, thus reducing the appearance of imperfections: patented sebum-correcting Fluidactiv® complex. 
  • Non-comedogenic.


Thanks to its patented exclusive Fluidactiv® complex, Sébium AKN preserves sebum quality, preventing deterioration and thickening, thus effectively reducing the appearance and development of imperfections. 

  • A complete treatment, Sébium AKN also treats all the factors responsible for skin imperfections. 
  • Kerato-regulating active ingredients cleanse the pores in depth. 
  • Zinc gluconate, sebo-regulating and purifying, slows down overproduction of sebum and the proliferation of micro-organisms that cause imperfections. 
  • Soothing agents ease red blotches.

Sébium AKN smooths skin texture, leaving it clear and purified. It recovers its natural balance. Non-comedogenic, the tolerance of Sébium AKN is excellent. 

Directions For Use

Can be used alone or together with dermatological treatments to reinforce their effectiveness.

  • Apply Sébium AKN once or twice a day to skin that has been cleansed (ideally with Sébium Foaming gel or Sébium H2O).
  • Make-up can be applied after using Sébium AKN. Avoid the eye contour area

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