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A sensible decision for any man planning a pregnancy with their partner, is to test their sperm count ,97% accurate, Results in 15 minutes, Easy to use

Sperm counts are falling in the western world and it is not currently known why. Our FertilCount Male Fertility test is a rapid diagnostic test of sperm concentration in semen and is available in both a single test kit and a two test kit pack. Our FertilCount Male Fertility test kit will allow a man to test his fertility potential, privately and discreetly in his own home.

Box Contents:

1x plastic cup, dropper, blue solution, clear solution, cassette

How to use:

First collect a semen sample. The semen sample may be collected by masturbation directly into the plastic liquefaction cup provided.
Once the semen sample is in the plastic cup, place the lid on the cup and gently swirl the contents of the cup for at least 10 times around the cup. Wait at least 15 minutes but not longer than 12 hours before testing the sample. Just before testing, swirl the cup contents around several times more.
Open the re-sealable pouch by tearing or cutting at the notches. Remove the contents and place a test cassette on a flat surface with the sample wells facing upwards.
Swirl the plastic cup before removing the lid. Hold and squeeze the plastic dropper at its midpoint.
Place the angled tip into the semen sample and release the pressure slowly. As you do this semen will be drawn into the dropper.
By gently squeezing the dropper add ONE drop of semen to the Test Well ‘T’, let the drop soak in for at least one minute.
Add TWO drops of BLUE solution to the same Test Well ‘T’. Let the drops soak in for at least one minute.
Add TWO drops of CLEAR solution to the TEST Well ‘T’. Let the drops soak in for at least one minute.
READ the test results within 5 minutes of this step.

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