Babypotz Reusable Weaning Pots (50 pcs)

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In stock
Babypotz an award winning solution for storing your baby's food include a range of 50 stackable pots and lids, which are BPA free. Each starter set contains 5 sizes, 1oz to 5oz with10 of each size perfect for batch cooking and storing baby food.

No more messy ice-cube trays! Finally, a simple solution for freezing batches of homemade baby food‚ reusable BPA free containers for freezing baby food.You get 50 pots and 50 lids in 5 different sizes ‚all microwave, dishwasher, steriliser and freezer safe. Reusable, quality polypropylen

Benefits & Features

Babypotz Mixed Starter Set Contains:
  • 50 pots and lids (5 sizes)
  • Suitable for ages 4 months - 12 months
Stage 1 Weaning:
  • 10 x 30ml/1oz Pots and lids
  • 10 x 60ml/2oz Pots and lids
Stage 2 Weaning: 
  • 10 x 90ml/3oz Pots and lids
  • 10 x 120ml/4oz Pots and lids
Stage 3 Weaning:    
  • 10 x 150ml/5oz Pots and Lids

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